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Sometimes my works are about horses but mostly about people and places. Some portraits are from real references others from imagination. The wide open spaces of the American South West, which one can often find as backgrounds, are a major inspiration, freely interpreted, reflecting the desire for freedom of thoughts and imagination. Such "Places", to say it in the words of Herman Melville,  "are not down in any map, true places never are." 
I pursue a classic, traditional painting style, which is influenced by the old masters of the romantic period, such as Gericault, Stubbs, Delcroix, to name a few. 
I was born 1954 in Winterthur, Switzerland, and already in my childhood days was I attracted to art. I started to draw caricatures at school and during the military service. I am self taught and started the full time artist career after quitting the bread earning occupation in 2013.

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